Unseen Krabi

Koh Hong Island 360


Koh Hong Island

The scenic spot 360 degree where you climb 419 steps to observe the beauty of the Andaman sea.


Koh Hong lagoon

Surrounded by mountains with emerald sea water. The highlight is the narrow gate between the two mountains (Stop between Koh Hong and Koh Hong Lagoon depend on the tide, we can only do when high tide otherwise switch with Koh Hong)

King Rama 9 Palace


Koh Hong Lagoon

pass King Rama 9 Palace to Poda Island takes 30 mins. Here we will have lunch and relax by the beach or snorkeling (1.30 hrs).


Poda island

is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise sea and when the tide is low we will see the phenomenon know as “Talay Waek” or sand spit beach.


Chicken island

A great spot for photo shooting. To snorkel either at Chicken island or Yawasum (another diving spot in Poda) takes 3 – 4 mins. Depends on water tide.


NamMao beach

Walk from the beach to Diamond cave (Phr Nang nai cave) roughly for 10 mins and spend another 15 mins strolling in the cave to enjoy a spectacular rock formations.

Diamond cave - Phr Nang nai cave


Leam Had beach

(photo session) A must-see dragon ridge or sandspit beach with soft white fine sand. The place was a filming location in the movie “The Mechanic 2 (2016)”, starring Jason Statham and Jessica Alba.


Koh Phae

When ebb tide occurs, a long golden sand bar in the middle of the sea will be seen, a great of opportunity to see corals and starfish.

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