Rok islands Day trip


Ha Island

The scenic spot 360 degree where you climb 419 steps to observe the beauty of the Andaman sea.

An archipelago consists of 5 islands with a shallow coral reef ecosystem around the island. There are sandy beaches alternating with rocky beaches on 5 large islands. Able to engage in activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing. Around the island there are beautiful coral reefs, often found whale sharks and manta rays. Therefore, it is popular for divers both Thai and foreigners.


Rok Yai , Lunch

The twin limestone islands 30 kms south of Ko Lanta Yai are named Ko Rok Nok and Ko Rok Nai with only 100 metres between them. They are counted as part of Ko Lanta archipelago and are under the same district. There are almost no people living on Ko Rok, only the Marine Park Rangers reside here, leaving the islands to remain unspoiled. Ko Rok Nok has some beautiful beaches to offer, Ao Man Sai Beach in particular is ranked in the top ten most beautiful beaches in Thailand. This long beach has real white powder sands and crystal clear waters, with a fairly shallow tide rich with fabulous corals offshore.

The beach is verdant with rainforest and mangrove tree,

and just a few steps walk into the forest enables you to see a jungle of huge banyan trees, about 6 metres wide, which gives the beach its name. A little further into trees brings you to another beach named Ao Tha Lu. The sands here are shaped like a horseshoe and surrounded by black limestone cliffs.

Ko Rok Nai is just 100 metres away and can be easily swum across to.

One particularly beautiful beach here is named Ao Sarn Chao (Spirit House Beach). The fishermen built spirit houses here to protect their warships and eventually the beach was named after the tradition.
At the southern-most end of this island there is some stunning geography and a pole mark which points to the end of Thai land.
Between these two islands is a snorkellers’ paradise with its’ glass-clear waters and visibility of up to 20 metres.
The long reef extends for a square mile with both soft and hard corals. and hard corals.
Lunch at National Park cafeteria.


Rok Noi

Ko Rok Noi reef is between 10 to 15ft/3 to 16ft deep. The coral heads, mainly massive coral, digitate coral and leaf coral, are quite healthy compared to other Thailand locations. Some giant clams are found in the coral, where you can also find several species of starfish of Linckia genus.

In addition to the inquisitive sergeant majors gathering near the surface, you will spot on the reef many types of fish, such as parrotfish, triggerfish, butterflyfish, Moorish Idols and puffers. Several species of anemonefish are also very common in Ko Rok Noi, including the Clark’s anemonefish, the ocellaris clownfishand the pink skunk clownfish.

4. Return to Boat Lagoon Pier

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