Phi Phi – Bamboo

Maya Bay - 1
Maya Bay - 2


Maya Bay

Known as Paradise island among tourists and was chosen for the shooting of the movie “The Beach”. The crescent moon-shaped clear water hidden in the huge limestone mountain.


Pileh Lagoon

is surprisingly calmer than any other neighboring bay. The views of the lagoon are stunning with their turquoise watercolor with sheer limestone cliffs surrounding.

Phi Phi – Bamboo - Longtail Boat


Viking Cave

is a one of Phi Phi’s attractions and unique sight. The cave was named after the prehistoric drawings found on its walls, similar to ones found in ancient Viking ships.


Monkeys Bay

Is better known as “Yong Kasem Bay” is one of Krabi’s best-kept secrets of Phi-Phi Don. It’s inhabited by colonies of crab-eating macaques which gave the island its name. One of the best places to snorkel or just enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Lunch on the beach in ton sai island in thailand


Ton Sai Bay

Perhaps the best spot for our lunch break, where one can just walk to visit most places in Tonsai Village within 10 minutes for a change.


Bamboo island

The island’s shape is almost like a “Heart”. It is 600 meters wide and 700 meters long, surrounded by clear white sand. The center of the island is covered by vegetation including casuarina and bamboo trees. This place is another great place to snorkel as it is home for a beautiful coral reef (Hin Klang), which spreads up to 500 meters from the shore and offers an aquarium like swimming experience.

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