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Private Fleet

Unlike other operators, we own our boats.
This guarantees availability and efficiency to our customers.

Unique Trips

Phuket is our home, and we know every corner of it! We make sure your experience is unique, and your holidays unforgettable.

Excursions and Tours

We offer our customers a large choice of excursions, activities and tours around Phuket.

Private Speed Boat
Charters in Phuket

Phuket Marine Group offers daily speedboat charters to small and medium sized groups for private trips around Phuket.

We provide you with all the sea excursion necessities and safety equipment such as high quality life vests and diving masks, along with a highly experienced boat crew. 

Private Speedboat Charters in Phuket
Exclusive Cruise Touring islands - Phuket Marine Group

Exclusive islands Cruise Touring with Phuket Marine Group

The ideal solution to avoid the sworn of eager tourists is to charter a speedboat for your own exclusive cruise. 
You can plan your excursion for any time and destinations to avoid the usual mass exodus, with the consideration of the tidal variations, this avoiding the rush and to tailor the trip to suit your utmost convenience. 

Relax on the most secluded and private beaches around Phuket

If you are looking for a more remote beach experience, then you should head to the islands near Phuket. You can find some of the most secluded and private beaches around Phuket. 
The island of Phi Phi is also a great place to visit. It has white sandy beaches, as well as remote islands that are perfect for those looking for a Robinson Crusoe experience.

Secluded beaches around Phuket
Our Fleet - Phuket Marine Group

Our Private Fleet

We are proud to inform you that our boats are exclusively owned by us, which sets us apart from other operators. This guarantees that our customers can always count on their availability and efficiency. Our fleet comprises of 9 boats constructed with fiberglass, and each boat is equipped with 2 to 4 powerful engines. We take utmost pride in building all our boats to the highest standards of safety and reliability.

You can check all our boats HERE

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We offer one of the largest selection of Private charters, Daily join trips, Entertainment tours and Ferry tickets around Phuket. 

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